Nike Air

"Nike Air" is a technology and branding concept used by Nike in many of their athletic shoes, including both running and basketball shoes. The "Nike Air" technology incorporates cushioning units filled with pressurized air to provide enhanced comfort and cushioning during physical activities. These air pockets are strategically placed in different parts of the shoe's sole to offer impact protection and responsiveness.

The Nike Air technology has been a significant innovation in the sneaker industry, making Nike shoes known for their comfort and performance benefits. It's particularly popular in basketball shoes, where players require excellent cushioning and support to minimize the impact on their joints during games and training.

Nike Air has evolved over the years, with different models and variations designed for various sports and activities. Some of the most famous Nike Air lines include Air Max for lifestyle and running shoes and the Air Jordan series for basketball. The "Nike Air" branding is often prominently displayed on the shoe's exterior to signify the presence of this technology.